Look on the bright side of menopause

We can help you see it by joining Baushe Circles, menopause support groups to access reliable resources, a helping hand from women like you, and build new habits for this phase in life. All for free.

Why join a Circle?

Mirna Sevilla
Baushe Circle member from the Netherlands

A couple of years ago, I started having severe chronic migraine, lack of concentration, brain fog, and I just didn't feel myself anymore. Little I knew that these symptoms were related to the menopausal transition until I came across Baushe. Through the Baushe Circles, so far I gained a better understanding of what is happening to me, I found the way to the proper treatment, and felt heard. I look forward to our monthly meeting where I learn new things and feel supported by fellow women with whom I can openly talk and even laugh at our discomforts.

There is no single pill for menopause.

But together in a Baushe Circle you can figure out what are the signs, learn about your journey and how to experience it, on your terms.
Baushe Circles are for you if want to:
  • Openly exchange with women like you, in a safe space
  • Learn from reliable sources what happens during menopause
  • Let go of the confusion around the changes in your body & mind
Some of the topics discussed in a Baushe Circle
  • How to recognize where you are in the transition
  • Identify your symptoms
  • Learn about your coping options
  • And many more...
How it works

The right people

Baushe Circles are set up for best members match:
  • Same menopause stage
  • Similar symptoms
  • Similar background
Every menopause journey is unique, but nobody has to go through the changes alone.

Reliable sources

At Baushe, we are committed to providing Circles with all the support they need, such as reliable information from leading specialists.

Monthly meetings

There you will find a structured agenda, resources to learn about new topics concerning your transition and chance to share, learn from each other and drive accountability.

Start here

You can try a Baushe circle in 2 easy steps:

1Sign up for free

Express your interest by leaving your contact email, so we can get back to you with further instructions.

2Fill in the form

To provide the best Baushe Circle experience, we ask you a few short questions so we can match you with women in a similar journey as yours.

3You're all set 🎉

Once we find you a matching Circle, you'll be invited to join your first meeting.



I didn't know what to expect, but I can say I came out enthusiastic. What a great way to support each other and expand your own knowledge.

I definitelly recommend it. How great it is to get support and recognition but also to give it to others.

Baushe Circle saved me hours of googling and helped me to face the reality I've been hiding from. Sharing with my Circle peers makes the menopause journey and feel understood.

Circles is a great initiative to come in open conversation with other women in the transition. Recognition of our experiences is one of the most important helping tools in the menopause.

Try it yourself! Baushe Circles are free.