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Peer-mentoring Community


Join a real peer mentoring community where you'll meet and exchange with women on a similar journey

Self-help Therapy

Guided self-help

Get in control of your menopause journey through evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy strategies

Reliable Information

Reliable Information

Be informed, learn about menopause with up-to-date, reliable information powered by our expert advisors

Health Tracking

Health Tracking

Understand more about your menopause, getting to know your body and its triggers


Be part of our unique peer mentoring community

Meet with fellow women going through a similar stage, to support each other and grow together.

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Manage your symptoms with self-help CBT techniques

Through interactive, fun and personalized CBT exercises, you’ll find yourself in more control.

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Access a knowledge bank of reliable information

Get to know the demystified version of what you’re going through, what options are there available for you, and the latest research in a day-to-day language.

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Understand more about your menopause

Get to know your unique health profile by tracking your symptoms and potential triggers. After gathering enough data points, we will provide you with personalized advice and reliable content relevant to you.

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